bloop bloop

I!!!! get to take a boat home!!!!! for two days!!!!! I have scheduled life so well!!!!!! this makes me so happy!!!!!!

I am becoming such a negative human being.

fuck you. I really hope you’re happy.

montréal, on y va je suppose. ce week là, c’est bizarre..

i’m losing my mind. this life is spiralling around too quickly. living alone is bittersweet. i miss the dryness of dusty sea salt on my eyelids. my body sleeps in lust. my skin bakes brown in july sun. i feel nothing. i am tired. i am tired i am tired i am tired. i am not equipped for this life. i am so alone. i don’t know where i belong anymore. i don’t know who my friends are. i don’t know who cares about me. but i do know that clearly you don’t

I have to fly to Montreal at 6:30, have an interview/meeting, and fly back at 4:30 THIS IS INSANE.

the only good thing in my life right now.

Anonymous said: Why

rough summer.

Anonymous said: How are you?

deeply struggling.

why are boys so awful to me I hate all boys I have to deal with here
I miss you


5:42AM — The most beautiful sunrise I have ever woken up to.

my heart is totally in halifax


I am happy and grateful. It is difficult to leave the ones you love and I’ve certainly learned this the hard way. But I have worked extremely hard to provide the absolute best for myself. I’ve come to terms with all of this finally. I’m about to get drunk with multimillionaires. On y va.

Anonymous said: are you into sex positive feminism?

very much so! why? are you?